Stevie on ‘The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’


Who saw Stevie Wonder on The Tonight Show last Friday night? Ol’ Stevie is getting ready for a short tour that will be based around his classic double-set, Songs in the Key of Life, and everyone that needs some airtime these days seems to be talkin’ to Jimmy, so off to NBC’s Rockefeller Center studios he went.

On Tonight isn’t the only place in recent years I’ve seen Stevie perform. He played a show at Pier Six in Baltimore several years back, and after he got done talking about his late mother’s peach cobbler and playing a few songs, Stevie decided that he was going to impress his fans by standing on top of his keyboard — which isn’t the greatest idea, even if one can see; happily, someone came from backstage and got his crazy posterior down, and onwards he went. That act was a little much, but I like to point out that I don’t think people appreciate how funny he is.

The interview included an impromptu performance of Wonder’s harmonica solo from his first hit in 1963, “Fingertips, Part 2,” and he later performed “Sir Duke” with The Roots >>>


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