The BBC’s Take on The Yardbirds

I just came across a 1996 BBC documentary about the Yardbirds that, for some odd reason, has escaped me all of these years. Delilah Pictures released another doc a few years earlier — in fact, this new one contains footage (notably, Jimmy Page’s interviews) that was included in that first production.

The BBC update actually contains clips from other band members (finally) calling Clapton out on his “smug” behavior during his tenure with the group, as well an clips of Keith Relf’s sister, Jane; she later performed with her brother and Yardbirds drummer Jim McCarty in the first incarnation of Renaissance.

People always like to talk about the Clapton, Beck, Beck/Page and, finally Page versions of the band that eventually resulted in the formation of Led Zeppelin (see the Jeff Krulik entries from earlier in the past week). Interestingly, the current incarnation of the group that has been led by McCarty has also included the group’s original guitar player — who wasn’t the young Eric Clapp, but Anthony “Top” Topham >>>


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