New Album From Bassman Kasim Sulton to Drop on Oct. 25


When you talk about bassist to the stars Kasim Sulton, you talk about a guy who’s been around the Rock ‘n Roll block many times and keeps coming back for more. Today, he offered a sneak peek of the artwork for his new solo album, 3, revealed the release date of Oct. 28 >>> 

The fans have to be patient when they wait for his solo work, because Sulton’s resume is peppered with names liaisons from notable liaisons with Joan Jett, Hall & Oates, Cheap Trick, Patty Smyth and Blue Öyster Cult (to name just a few), so he doesn’t have much trouble getting gigs; but, course, most people know him for his longstanding relationships with Meat Loaf (having played on all three Bat Out Of Hell albums) and with Todd Rundgren and his band, Utopia; Sulton even sang the band’s sole Top 40 hit, 1980’s “Set Me Free” >>>

Flashback ’80s Girl and I had the pleasure of seeing Sulton perform with Mark Rivera (and others) last fall at a benefit at the Maryland Live! Casino, near the Baltimore airport, for the Casey Cares Foundation. I happened to own a 45 of “Set Me Free,” so of course I brought it with me. When I told him what I had, he made an autograph signing motion for me bring over to him at the end of the show, and indeed signed it. He couldn’t have been any more cordial and it was a great end to a great show! Best of luck with the new album, Kasim!

IMG_9432  IMG_9524


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