The Recording of the Dave Matthews Band’s Everyday

How many Dave Matthews Band fans are out there? Can you raise your hands? … That’s what I thought, there are lotsa, lotsa youze!

Among the mags my articles have appeared in over the years is a trade that you can find on many news stands (at such stores as Barnes & Noble), Mix, which serves the tech side of the music and recording world. I first wrote for the mag and its fine editors, Tom Kenny and Blair Jackson, in 1999 when they allowed me to write about the new digs built by Senor Carlos and the gang at Richmond, Va.’s, fine studio and music house, In Your Ear.

Of course, when you’re in Ol’ Virginny, you’ll often hear or think of something great by DMB (does anyone remember when they used to play at the Flood Zone, also in Richmond?). Two years after my Mix debut, I caught up with super producer Glen Ballard and talked with him for the mag about working with band when they recorded the Everyday album >>>

Speaking of that album, let’s not forget the title track — and its unforgettable music video, which starred silly actor Judah Friedlander >>>



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