Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason Knows It’s Never (Really) the End


I get so sick of these acts that say they’re never going to tour again (that was directed at The Who, who are gearing up for a 50th anniversary tour 32 years after they initially “retired”), record, again, speak again, breathe again — even Roger Waters said “never” and eventually caved in and played with his Pink Floyd bandmates again at Live 8, though he really doesn’t have much reason to work with them, given his own success. Check out all of his sold-out (and I mean hockey arenas) performances of The Wall.

On that note, it It looks to me like Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason is being a little more realistic about the future. None of us knows what it will entail, but we also know what happens when a large amount of greenbacks is mentioned during suggestions/negotiations, as well as the desire to make another creative statement. It may not mean more lives shows, but it may; it will almost certainly mean more product.

If you want the live show, there are sure plenty of tribute bands; Baltimore’s fantastic Several Species always delivers on that thrill. Meanwhile, I’ll hope you’ll take a moment to read this interview. It’s very informative >>>


Watch the Happy ‘Hall-oween’ (& Oates) Concert on Yahoo Screen


The Hall & Oates (pictured performing last month at Baltimore’s Pier Six Pavilion) concert set for tonight, Oct. 31, at 9 p.m. EDT from Daryl’s House — the new club in Pawling, N.Y., not his residence — will be carried live on the Live Nation Channel on Yahoo Screen. Details >>>

Connect, have a great “Hall-oween” and stay outta trouble (for the most part), people! >>>

Clubbin’ at Daryl’s House With Mr. Hall (& Oates)


From small things, big things one day come, the old saying goes. That certainly applies to Daryl Hall (pictured, left) and John Oates, who met in a freight elevator while escaping a ruckus at a show many decades ago. They’ve taken their blue-eyed rock ‘n soul approach to the Top 40 and R&B airwaves, ascended to the upper reaches of the Billboard charts, were mainstays of early MTV and VH1 and have enjoyed a music industry platinum status of their own ever since.

From the years of making music, albums, streaming and remaining hot in the concert market to the more recent success of Hall’s web-turned-cable TV hit, “Live From Daryl’s House” (which re-upped with Palladia last spring), Hall & Oates seem to have done it all. What could be next?

The opening of a new bar, that’s what. It’s called, appropriately enough, Daryl’s House, and it’s in Pawling, N.Y. (in the Hudson Valley, near Poughkeepsie). Designed with the look and feel of a clubhouse, it will open tomorrow night, Oct. 31, with what Hall called a “Hall-oween” & Oates concert >>>


Allmans Exit Stage Life With Three-Set Sendoff


The Allman Brothers Band’s last concert was as epic as their fans might have expected — with three sets and a post-midnight encore. The evening’s highlights included guitarist Derek Trucks periodically performing with Duane Allman’s 1957 Goldtop Les Paul and the last song of the encore, “Trouble No More,” which was the first song ever performed by the original Allman Brothers lineup >>>

Look for rebroadcasts of the concert on SiriusXM this evening at 6 p.m. EDT; Oct. 30 at midnight EDT; Oct. 31 at 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. EDT; Nov. 1 at 4 a.m. and 1 p.m. EDT; and Nov. 2 at 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. EDT. Subscribers can find Classic Vinyl on the satellite network’s Channel 26 >>>

For the Allmans, Nowhere Left to Run to Anymore


It’s tonight at their home-away-from-home, New York’s Beacon Theatre: The last show for the Allman Brothers, the legendary rockers from Macon, Ga., who put the phenomenon known as Southern Rock on the rock ‘n roll map — thus providing an entre to the masses for many an act that grew from the genre >>>

“Forty-five years is a serious run for any band,” said guitarist Derek Trucks in the above CBS interview, and he’s right. There was temporarily some talk of disbanding after Duane Allman’s death in a traffic accident in 1971, as well as plenty of the usual problems, disagreements and personnel changes. Only Gregg Allman, Butch Trucks (Derek’s uncle) and Jaimoe remain from the band’s classic line-up.

Still, they continued down their road, partly out of respect for the older Allman brother; Derek Trucks said, in a way, it’s still “his band” — more than four decades later on what (they say) will be their collective swan song >>>

With the band members often involved in various other projects — Gregg recently published his autobiography, My Cross to Bear >>>

… it’s good to know that none of them can say they’ll have “No One To Run With” >>>

What’s Next From the BBC? ‘God Only Knows’


Charity singles can be pretty hit-or-miss as artistic statements, but there’s something for just about everyone in this remake of the Beach Boys’ classic, “God Only Knows.”  There are a whole buncha famous people herein, as well as the BBC Concert Orchestra, which contributed its talents to the effort, which was produced to benefit BBC Children in Need. It’s well worth the listen and you’ll see some of your favorite stars contributing — so won’t you, too? >>>

Don’t forget to click on the pic and see how many of the artists you can identify!