The Music of Your Youth: Don’t’cha Just Love It?

Since my classmates and I are in the middle of yet another Arundel High School reunion, I have to share this nugget that a school friend, Valerie “One Nation Under A” Groover (like that?), shared with me before last night’s Reunion, Part 1.

“Here’s a funny one for you. My high school sophomore asked me recently if I had ever heard of Earth Wind & Fire. Really??!!  He likes a lot of our music (because it really was the best).”

And there, folks, you have it. I haven’t met Valerie’s son, but I predict a fine future for him. Think about it: He’s 15 years old and has already shown the extraordinary good taste to recognized great talent and that much of what young people listen to today is electronic schlock that often doesn’t involve a band or much interplay with other human beings.

My beloved Auntie used to say that we all tend to like the music we grew up with. I agreed, but I wonder if that’s not changing these days, for that reason.

Anyway, back to Earth, Wind & Fire (which now consists of Verdine White, Philip Bailey and Ralph Johnson, with backing players). I’ve seen them perform a number of times in the past several years and was never anything less than impressed with the talent, professionalism, humor and energy these guys exude on stage. I had the opportunity to review one of their shows (for The Daily Record, Baltimore) at the Filene Center at Wolf Trap several years ago and I had nothing but great things to say, let me tell you. They’re on tour now, so you might wanna check Pollstar to see if they’re coming to a venue near you.

As for Valerie … I already sent her and my other school friends the video for Parliament/Funkadelic’s “Flashlight,” so it’s only fitting that I make this short-distance grateful dedication, straight from the Souuuuuuuuuuul Train >>>



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