‘The Bayou: D.C.’s Killer Joint’ Now on DVD


The DVD that many Washington, D.C.-area rock ‘n blues enthusiasts have been waiting for is just about available. For what it’s producers at Metro Teleproductions Inc. are calling “a very limited time only,” you may pre-order the Special Limited Edition DVD of The Bayou: DC’s Killer Joint, featuring extra interviews not seen on TV, as well as bonus performances by The Nighthawks, Face Dancer, Sinbad and the Bayou All-Stars.

For those out you from outside the D.C./Baltimore area, The Bayou is a legendary local nightclub (like Baltimore’s Hammerjacks, but much smaller) that occupied an old building at 3135 K Street, N.W., under the Whitehurst Freeway in the city’s tony Georgetown area for more than 40 years. It played host to such famous acts as Foreigner, U2, the Dave Matthews Band and many, many other artists that helped chart the direction of rock and of rhythm and blues.

My friend Robbin Thompson appears in the production (and was interviewed from his beloved sailboat, Songbird, no less) and talked about the time that he was playing a gig at The Bayou when a rumor that had set the air abuzz actually happened: True enough, Thompson’s former bandmate from Steel Mill, Bruce Springsteen, showed up and joined the band — with a couple of his pals in tow, to boot.

That segment was a highlight for me, but there’s much more, including plenty of outrageous tales of what happened in the stairwell (and elsewhere)! I watched the show when it debuted on the local PBS station last year and give it a big thumb’s up (if I was all thumbs, just think of how many that would be)!

So, get your credit cards out, music lovers, and move on this great deal >>> http://www.mtitv.com/BayouStore.html


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