New Owners for Richmond’s Old-Time Venue, The National, and Norfolk’s NorVa

Here’s today’s update on the sale of The National. It says herein that previous owners Bill Reid and Rick Mersel will be staying on board, backed by AEG’s big money, as they move forward and try to book bigger acts >>>

Smith on Music


On two occasions, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing The Robbin Thompson Band play at The National, a former movie theater/historic venue located in Richmond, Va. The National is definitely in my Top 5 list of places to watch a show; another place I’d love to visit is the NorVA, which is located in downtown Norfolk, across Monticello Avenue from the MacArthur Center shopping mall.

Both were owned by RIC Capital Ventures, which sold the NorVA last summer and has just sold The National, too, after dealing with a lawsuit during the past year that was filed by a group of the company’s investors. Here’s hoping that the positive concert experiences continue at both halls with the new owner, AEG Live >>>

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