Ending a Tour With a Bang(le)


I ended up having an unexpected pleasure last Thursday night when Patty Ferry brought me along to the Rams Head, in Annapolis, to see The Bangles. Today’s band includes the lovely Susanna Hoffs, on guitar, with the lovely sisters Peterson, Vicki on guitar and Debbi on drums. It was a really energetic show that lasted upwards of 1:45, which is good (as in long) enough. They played a strong set that included a nice (mostly) acoustic encore on what ended up being the last night of a short east coast jaunt >>> http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/the-bangles/2014/rams-head-on-stage-annapolis-md-bcc9dee.html

I should also note that they were also very friendly with the audience, which not all performers at the Rams Head (which only seats 312 people) are. I think some of them aren’t used to that level of intimacy; I saw Michael Nesmith play there about a year ago and, while he wasn’t rude, he pretty much plowed through the set, complete with what seemed like scripted explanations of the origins of the songs — though I was told that he was very cordial after the show, during the meet ‘n greet.

Based on the performance, I’d recommend checking out the ladies’ new long player, called “Ladies and Gentlemen … The Bangles!,” which drops on Oct. 27/Thanksgiving Day >>> http://www.thebangles.com/

Patty has met a number of rock ‘n rollers throughout her journey through the wonderous Ferry Garden, one of whom, Susan Cowsill, gave her not only passes to the show, but post-show passes, too; so we had the pleasure of meeting Vicki Peterson (below). I told Vicki that I’d be writing the group/show up on SmithOnMusic … so we’ll see if she comes across this thumbs-up write-up.



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