Killer of Hee Haw’s ‘Stringbean,’ Wife Coming Back on Street


I remember the early days of the crazy corny country music TV show, “Hee Haw,” from my childhood. I always enjoyed the opening credits of the show and the way that the cast was introduced — among them a tall, bespectacled banjo player who went by the memorable stage name of Stringbean.

Stringbean’s given name was David Akeman and I remember him as I do much of the cast. It turned out that he was a member of the Grand Ole Opry, too; one day, he wasn’t on the show anymore, and I didn’t really think about why >>>

Fast-forwarding a few decades, I was watching a show about crimes committed within the country music universe when a clip suddenly appeared about how Stringbean and his wife, Estelle, were murdered at their home in 1974 after they returned from a performance at the Opry (here’s a news local news report from a Nashville TV station from several years ago) >>>

It was just today that the man who killed the couple, John Brown, was paroled after serving 40 years of a 198-year sentence >>>

My initial reaction is that someone who is convicted of the crimes that got Brown incarcerated for four decades should die in jail.


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