Hammerjacks Raises More Than $5K for Firefighters, Gets Ready to Celebrate the Season


Stories like this one always make me think about the Concert for Bangladesh. That’s because that event marked, to the best of my memory, the first time the rock community and the public started realizing how the music could be channeled toward a greater good.

On that note, the gang at Hammerjacks Entertainment Group (HEG) is again getting ready to turn back the clock and celebrate the season — while celebrating acting locally after having raised some good coin for the families of firefighters who were gone too soon.

Hammerjacks Rocks the Firehouse!, a day-long event that was held on Oct. 11 and included a concert that featured Jack Russell’s Great White and regional Classic Rock favorite Face Dancer, “raised in excess of $5,000″ for the International Association of Firefighters at the organization’s union hall, said Kevin Butler, owner of HEG.

That’s a great haul, given the rainy weather that day, as well as competition from the Orioles, who were playing Kansas City before a full house in game two of the American League Championship Series — about a half-mile away from the hall at Oriole Park. For Butler, it’s all part of keeping the brand in the public eye while giving back before the brick-and-mortar rock club is built and reopens in the city.

“With the establishment’s return on the horizon, we will continue to promote the Hammerjacks brand by holding events like Rocktoberfest and the recent Hammerjacks Rocks the Firehouse!” Butler said. “We’re looking forward to another successful event as we move forward with our plans to open the best nightclub/music venue in the country.”

The next Hammerjacks event will be to celebrate the season on Saturday, “Rocktober” 25, from 9 p.m.-2 a.m., at the Full Moon Pub. The establishment is located at 1100 Westminster Road, in Reisterstown. wear your favorite ’80s retro outfit, as there will be a costume contest for the “Best Dressed” 80’s couple/team and an ’80s “Look-Alike” contest. Both competitions will offer cash prizes and DJ-Havok will be on hand.

There will be no cover charge for the event, which will also include a Malibu Rum promotion, with promo girls and giveaways. Until then, find Hammerjacks news and merchandise, including T-shirts, hats and other memorabilia — including those famous bumper stickers — at www.hammerjacksonline.com.


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