Cream’s Jack Bruce Dead at 71


What started out as a hoax has become official: Jack Bruce, best known as the bass player with the late ’60s power trio, Cream, has passed at age 71. The cause of his death was not immediately known >>>

When a classic rocker passes, I’m always glad if they were able to reconnect with, meaning make more music with, other players from their past. In Bruce’s case, one such occasion was in 2005, when he famously reunited with Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker for a long-awaited Cream reunion that included four May shows at London’s Royal Albert Hall; they were followed that October by three more at Madison Square Garden, in New York. That they were able to play the shows was almost a miracle, given Bruce’s tempestuous relationship with drummer Ginger Baker.

Bruce also happens to be the answer to one of my favorite trivia questions, which concerns who played bass on Manfred Mann’s 1967 hit, “Pretty Flamingo.” It wasn’t Dave Richmond, Tom McGuinness or Klaus Voorman, but one Jack Bruce, who played with the group for several months after leaving the Graham Bond Organisation and before joining Cream. He’s actually in a number of group photos in this video collage >>>

If you want to check out any of his solo albums, check out Songs for a Tailor and Will Power, a compilation. Both were given four stars in the 1992 edition of the Rolling Stone Album Guide. 


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