Clubbin’ at Daryl’s House With Mr. Hall (& Oates)


From small things, big things one day come, the old saying goes. That certainly applies to Daryl Hall (pictured, left) and John Oates, who met in a freight elevator while escaping a ruckus at a show many decades ago. They’ve taken their blue-eyed rock ‘n soul approach to the Top 40 and R&B airwaves, ascended to the upper reaches of the Billboard charts, were mainstays of early MTV and VH1 and have enjoyed a music industry platinum status of their own ever since.

From the years of making music, albums, streaming and remaining hot in the concert market to the more recent success of Hall’s web-turned-cable TV hit, “Live From Daryl’s House” (which re-upped with Palladia last spring), Hall & Oates seem to have done it all. What could be next?

The opening of a new bar, that’s what. It’s called, appropriately enough, Daryl’s House, and it’s in Pawling, N.Y. (in the Hudson Valley, near Poughkeepsie). Designed with the look and feel of a clubhouse, it will open tomorrow night, Oct. 31, with what Hall called a “Hall-oween” & Oates concert >>>



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