Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason Knows It’s Never (Really) the End


I get so sick of these acts that say they’re never going to tour again (that was directed at The Who, who are gearing up for a 50th anniversary tour 32 years after they initially “retired”), record, again, speak again, breathe again — even Roger Waters said “never” and eventually caved in and played with his Pink Floyd bandmates again at Live 8, though he really doesn’t have much reason to work with them, given his own success. Check out all of his sold-out (and I mean hockey arenas) performances of The Wall.

On that note, it It looks to me like Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason is being a little more realistic about the future. None of us knows what it will entail, but we also know what happens when a large amount of greenbacks is mentioned during suggestions/negotiations, as well as the desire to make another creative statement. It may not mean more lives shows, but it may; it will almost certainly mean more product.

If you want the live show, there are sure plenty of tribute bands; Baltimore’s fantastic Several Species always delivers on that thrill. Meanwhile, I’ll hope you’ll take a moment to read this interview. It’s very informative >>>


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