Chrimble Song of the Day: “Christmas Dreaming” by Seth MacFarlane


Seth MacFarlane, the guy who brought us Family Guy, has a new 13-track Christmas album called Holiday for Swing! Swing, and pretty well, is what he does on his second big band-style album. The reviews I’m noticing are coming with kudos, as MacFarlane’s effort might just be earning him spots on playlists with about any old school crooner you might name. Here’s track two from the album, “Christmas Dreaming” >>> 


Stapp’s Wife Wants Him Committed


Jaclyn Stapp thought life with a rock star would be glamorous, but au contraire; now, she’s trying to get the former Creed lead singer in a 60-day psych hold. Here’s hoping he gets the help he needs >>>

The Wave of the Future: Paying Tribute to Cover Bands


Here’s a topic that I wrote about on Sept. 21 and feel the need to expound about again — tribute bands — since I just came across this great article in Classic Rock about why they’re obviously going to be a wave of the future >>>

I’ve never gotten why some people won’t go see a good tribute band, or even a band that includes only one or two of the original players from a famous group, like Foreigner (Mick Jones) or the Yardbirds (Jim McCarty). Even they might be disdainfully be called a “tribute band” by a more negative observer, though I’ve seen them both in recent years and will offer you the strong thumb’s up in both cases.

If you go see a tribute band, they play well, and you/your friends and have a good time (and probably for a reasonable price), isn’t that a good thing?

Of course, Beatles tribute bands, like Rain, have been around for decades; many of them came after the Broadway show, Beatlemania. I wrote about a Pink Floyd tribute band, Several Species, who I saw for the “nth” time at Baltimore’s Pier Six Pavilion, about two months. So this time, the shout-out needs to go to my other favorite tribute troupe, the Pennsylvania-based Get The Led Out (GTLO). The Led Zeppelin lovers have an ardent following and have become more of a regional/national act of late, which can happen when Pollstar starts paying attention to you. Check this out >>>


GTLO is always great about mixing up the set lists. I’ve even had one of them ask me for a request! And they even come out and sign autographs and meet their fans at the end of the shows! Jimmy Page, Bob Plant and company couldn’t really do that for many people.

And think about the alternative. Would you rather not have the opportunity to celebrate the music again? Some original groups will never reform, for various reasons, though others haven’t been able to fit it into their scheds, but keep threatening to — like the Faces, who say it’s gonna happen in 2015.

My fingers are crossed on that one. Then, of course, there are Elvis impersonators. But they’re another story for another day!

Chrimble Song of the Day: “Christmas Rule” by Jorma Kaukonen


Jefferson Airplane fans will be nothing less than amused by this tune from the group’s former guitarist, Jorma Kaukonen, from his 1996 album on Relix Records that was entitled, appropriately enough, Christmas. It seems that Santa isn’t the only one who needs AAA and a second entry point to the house! >>>

Need More Proof That Scott Stapp Has Lost It?


Ah, Scott Stapp. As if his previously reported actions — and the lack of response from the home camp — weren’t enough to prove that he’s a certified loon, the information herein, from Ultimate Classic Rock, will surely remove any doubt >>>

And then there’s this >>>

Chrimble Song of the Day: “Arrival” by Sarah Brightman

… is an interesting track because it wasn’t written as a holiday song a’tall; it was originally and instrumental/title track that was written by the two guys in ABBA for the group’s 1976 album, “Arrival”. Brightman’s version included lyrics written by one of the two guys, Bjorn Ulvaeus, that he’d held on to for possible inclusion for the successful ABBA (did they do anything that wasn’t successful/) stage show, Mamma Mia >>>