Clapton, Ginger Baker Say Farewell in Song at Jack Bruce’s Funeral


The three of them had plenty of stormy moments during their various musical projects, but Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker attended the funeral of their former power trio band mate in Cream (pictured above in the classic U.K. music program Ready, Steady Go!), Jack Bruce, paying their respects with a hymn. Bruce, a writer, singer and multi-instrumentalist who was mainly known for his bass playing, passed from liver disease on Oct. 25.

Guests at the service also sang Cat Stevens’s “Morning Has Broken,” the Beatles hit “Strawberry Fields Forever” and Bruce’s track “Theme For An Imaginary Western” from his solo debut, Songs for a Tailor. Bruce, 71, was described by his family in the order of service as a “beloved husband, father, granddad and all-round legend.”

Most music fans know Bruce from his two-plus years with Cream, which sold 35 million albums and were awarded the world’s first platinum disc for their 1968 album, Wheels of Fire. Bruce wrote and sang most of the group’s songs, perhaps most notably “Sunshine Of Your Love,” “White Room,” “I Fell Free” and many others >>>


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