AC/DC: What Does The Band’s Future Hold?


It’s been a tough year for AC/DC, given the illness of Malcolm Young and Phil Rudd’s recent arrest, and Jesse Fink, author of The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC, thinks the issues may lead to the end of the road for the group as a touring entity.

“Angus [Young] has been the star of the show for many years now, so long as he is standing there’s still an AC/DC,” Fink told Australia’s Herald Sun. “But given all the troubles this year, I think this will be the final tour.” >>>

The group has not formally announced that Rudd is out, the post-arrest statement said that, “Phil’s absence will not affect the release of our new album ‘Rock or Bust‘ and upcoming tour next year.”

It has been said that Bob Richards — a friend of Stevie Young, a fill-in for his Uncle Malcolm — will play drums on the tour. That may suffice for this go ’round, but Fink has misgivings about any possible future tour plans.

“The band without Malcolm Young and Phil Rudd,” he said. “It’s really chipping away at the old spirit of the band. You’d have to question whether we’re really getting the authentic AC/DC experience. But the few songs we’ve heard from the new record sound pretty good. This band is very resilient.”

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One thought on “AC/DC: What Does The Band’s Future Hold?

  1. While Angus and Malcolm were the only original members in the band prior to Malcolm’s recent departure, the focus of the band in a concert setting has always revolved around Angus and Bon/Brian. It was nice to have the “Young brothers” on stage together but not essential. As long as the rhythm section holds it together, you should still get the “authentic AC/DC experience”. Speaking of rhythm section, the loss of Phil Rudd shouldn’t matter either. Yes. he was part of the “classic line-up” of AC/DC but he was their 8th drummer (and also their 11th after being out of the band for about 11 years). I didn’t feel cheated out of the “authentic AC/DC experience” when Chris Slade filled in for about 5 years. You’d think that Bon Scott was getting replaced by all this hoopla about getting the “authentic AC/DC experience”. Oh, wait…… :0)


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