Marley’s Family Looks to Capitalize on Legalizing ‘It’

Bob Marley Pot

After the recent elections resulted in Washington D.C., Alaska and Oregon joining Washington state and Colorado in legalizing recreational marijuana use, “herb,” as singer/songwriter Bob Marley used to call marijuana, looks to be coming big business.

The family of the reggae legend, who died in 1981, is seeking to capitalize on the growing recreational marijuana market by launching a new global brand of pot called Marley Natural. Beginning in late 2015, the brand will offer various products, including limited-edition, handmade accessories, such as pipes, papers and vaporizers; as well as lotions and balms infused with cannabis, hemp and what the company is calling “Jamaican botanicals” and “heirloom cannabis strains.”

The family is working with a Seattle-based private equity firm called Privateer Holdings, which has been operating in the budding (sorry, had to) industry in North America. The firm owns the new brand outright >>>

Here’s more from the Los Angeles Times >>>

It’s looks like more and more people are listening to Marley’s former bandmate in the Wailers, Peter Tosh, whose debut album was called Legalize It. Here’s the title track >>>


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