Scott Stapp’s in a Bad Way


I remember when Creed hit the national scene in the mid-90s with their front man, vocalist Scott Stapp, and their big hit single, “With Arms Wide Open,” which was about the birth of his son. I thought it was a good, heartfelt, song, but also noticed that every Creed song I heard seemed to feature what I view as Stapp’s overwrought vocals, delivered much in the style of Michael Bolton or Cher.

I can get enough of that pretty quickly, After all, if every song sounds alike, what’s the point? But much of the record-buying public didn’t seem to care what I thought, as Creed rode their religion–and-politics heavy rock to become one of the bigger acts of their era, selling 10 million albums in just five years, according to VH1.

A few years later, one of the best music programs ever, VH1’s Behind The Music, dedicated an episode to Creed. What struck me the most about the show were the interviews with Stapp’s father, who struck me as a control freak that suffocated his son’s social development. I came away from the show being glad that I didn’t have to deal with him; watch the show and you’ll see what I mean. Young Scott seemed to always be wearing birth control glasses, have a plastic pen holder in his neatly-pressed shirt pocket, a straight tie and the whole nine yards >>>

Then when he had a chance to escape his family life, he — tah-dah! — got in a band! A band that became hugely successful, too. And that normally means great music, as well as booze, drugs, girls and the surreal ego explosion that comes with life in that particular bubble. But given what his strict upbringing had been like, it could only be too much, too soon (as it probably would have been anyway).

In recent years, his career looks to have fallen off to the point that he’s been gigging at places like Baltimore Soundstage — which is to say perfectly respectable, smaller, venues — but venues that seem even smaller when you consider the heights he’s scaled.

Now comes this new video. He says he’s been living in cars and hotels, and is totally broke. How? It happens, but someone must be paying for that hotel room … >>>

While today isn’t good for Stapp for whatever the reason, here’s hoping he rebounds. While the history of music is littered with similar stories of performers who fell hard and didn’t make it back or died young, there are just as many tales of artists who stopped the bad stuff, started in a new direction and became ridiculously successful again (Google Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker and Ringo Starr for three examples that come easily to mind).


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