Chrimble Song of the Day: “2000 Miles” by Chrissie Hynde (New Version)


“2000 Miles” has always been a staple of Chrissie Hynde’s Pretenders playlist for more than three decades. While it’s been reprised on different compilations and was even given the unplugged treatment in the group’s 1995 live release, The Isle of View, it just received another reworking: It’s a bonus track in her new solo album (aren’t all Pretenders albums solo albums?), Stockholm.

With the new version, Hynde and her producer, Bjorn Yttling, gave the song perhaps an even more stark treatment, with just Hynde’s vocals basically paired with tinkling ivories in a track that sounds like it was recorded outside on a rainy Swedish day — or perhaps in a mildly flooded basement >>>

Check out the Deluxe Edition of the new album >>>

Just for fun, here’s the original (which is said to have been written by Hynde with the group’s late guitarist, James Honeyman-Scott, in mind), which was on 1983’s Learning to Crawl; the video is from the classic U.K. TV programme, Top of the Pops >>>


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