Chrimble Song of the Day: “Christmas Waits” by Heart (Presents A Lovemongers Christmas)


“Christmas Waits” is credited to the The Lovemongers, but we know that’s really sorta kind of a pseudonym for Ann and Nancy Wilson, with a little help from their friends. And they’re really Heart, which recorded Heart Presents a Lovemongers’ Christmas.

It’s the group’s 12th studio album and was originally released in October 1998 with the title Here Is Christmas — as the second album of the Lovemongers, a side project involving the Wilsons, their longtime friend and collaborator Sue Ennis, and Frank Cox. In 2001, the sisters decided to re-release the project as a Heart album, with no changes to the lyrics or music; however, it was reissued again in 2004 by Sovereign Artists, with a different cover and two bonus tracks.

It doesn’t really matter what name appears on the label, your iPod, your iPhone or on your screen, or what album the song is from — this breezy, feel-good number, that was written by Ann and Nancy, will effortlessly segue into one of your holiday playlists >>>


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