Congrats to Sir Elton and David Furnish


Cheers to Sir Elton and David Furnish on their marraige — especially since that’s a pic from Sir Elton’s hellaciously great Caeser’s Palace show that serves as the cover photo for Smith on Music! Here are some pics from the event from the U.K’s Daily Mail >>>

And since it’s time to “Step Into Christmas” … >>>


Chrimble Song of the Day: “Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)” by Darlene Love


One thing Christmas is about is traditions. And one tradition that’s endured in the TV business is Darlene Love’s annual appearance with David Letterman, Paul Shaffer and the gang on their late night chat shows. Love recently appeared with that crew for the 28th and last time, as Letterman will be retired from Late Show well before next Chrimble.

Here’s her 2014 performance >>>

And here’s Love’s first performance, back in the NBC Late Night With David Letterman days, along with all of the other performances that the folks at Paste could find on the Net >>>

Chrimble Song of the Day: “Misty Mountain Wonderland” by Fleming & John


If you’re a fan of creativity, Christmas music and the mighty Led Zeppelin, you’re going to love today’s tune, which is by the Nashville-based husband and wife team of Fleming McWilliams and John Mark Painter, better known as Fleming & John.

Today, they run IHOF (International House of Fleming) Studios and the DWEEB recording label in Music City; but to their fans, they’re known for a musical career that included many a creative cover version — like “Winter Wonderland,” which was recorded to the tune of Led Zep’s “Misty Mountain Hop” >>>

Chrimble Song of the Day: “Wizards of Winter” by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra


I had my live intro to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra at Verizon Center in D.C. on Wednesday night and the show was very interesting, to say the least. They packed the arena and gave their typical hugely laser- and smoke-enhanced performance. While I could have done without some of the overdone dramatics, the musicianship was fantastic and their shows are quite the spectacle, by any estimation.

And, of course, their music is the perfect complement to a holiday light show at a home that’s right next to yours! >>>

Chrimble Song of the Day: “Up On The Housetop” by the Jackson 5


It’s time for some old school Motown today with this classic from the Jackson 5, “Up On The Housetop,” circa 1970. Speaking of old, this version has nothing on the actual song. Most people are familiar with it due to Gene Autry’s version from 1953, but it was written by a gentleman named Benjamin Hanby, of New Paris, Ohio, all the way back in 1864!

According to William Studwell in The Christmas Carol Reader, that vintage makes what was originally intended as a Thanksgiving song the second-oldest secular Christmas song, outdone only by “Jingle Bells,” which was written in 1857.

I doubt Mr. Hanby was around long enough to get funky with the J5! >>>

Chrimble Song of the Day: “December” by Earth, Wind & Fire


How many pop/soul acts have been around as long as Earth, Wind & Fire without releasing any holiday music? Not that man. Therefore Philip Bailey, Verdine White and Ralph Johnson finally did something about that this year with the release of Holiday, which includes “December” (which is the musical track to “September” with appropriate new lyrics) >>>


Also in the mix are “Happy Seasons,” which is also an old EW&F chestnut (it’s based on “Happy Feeling”), a number of holidays classics and other surprises >>>